To tweet or not to tweet… that is the question.

Recently, my twitter feed (ironically) has been full of articles about whether or not twitter is a tool for social change.

Now, I’m big on twitter. I’ve been on it for over a year now, and I personally love it. I’ve also participated in several twitter ‘social change’ campaigns like tweeting for Haiti, changing avatars to show breast cancer support — all that kinda stuff.

It started off with Malcolm Gladwell’s anti twitter article, which was followed by Dixon defending twitter. Paul Carr then wrote a techcrunch post about them. There were several more, like Sarah Kessler’s long piece on social media activism written in complete support of social media. Eventually I just got tired of reading everyone’s extremely tl;dr-able articles either bashing or supporting social media.

So among all of that, I’d just like to thank Alexia for writing one sentence that really made sense to me. – “Basically, the revolution might be tweeted, the moment we stop feeling so self-satisfied about retweeting it.”

That’s exactly how I feel. Biz Stone was right in saying that twitter DID play a role in bringing people together for social change. It does spread awareness. It did for me. Heck, I found about spirit day because I saw someone’s avatar on my twitter feed all purple a week back. But I think doing I’m fine, ‘cause I’m not going to feel smug and believe that I’ve done my bit just ‘cause of a 140 character message on my twitter page.


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